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Info Circle

On Sundays from 1 pm  to 3 pm we inform you about our services.

Our work can lead you to hidden depths and heights of your being. The insights you experience will strengthen you bit by bit to fulfill your very own potential. 

We do not consider the human being walking along the shore, but see him constantly in the middle of the changing stream of life, from which there is no rescue, except to become a good swimmer. Training mobilizes resistance forces, which help to keep the head above water. The river of life - constantly in motion with changing currents - a constant process of becoming healthy and whole. 

On the path towards balance and harmony there is much to learn and discover. To achieve harmony of body, mind, emotions and your spirit, it takes a lot of will, courage and perseverance. We are happy to support you with our experience, power and relationships. 

  • Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there.

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A person experiences the reality of the world through his body. The external environment affects him because it acts on his body and influences his senses. He reacts to these stimuli in turn by acting on the environment. When the body is relatively inanimate, man's impressions and reactions are diminished. The more alive the body is, the more vividly it perceives reality and the more actively it responds to it. We have all had the experience that when we feel particularly well and alive, we perceive the world more acutely. In states of low energy, the world appears colorless. Higher body vibration - deeper sense of aliveness. 


Before your emotions can be meaningful to you - before you can allow them to give you the precise guidance they offer - you must understand that you are a being with two perspectives who are constantly in relationship with each other. When you understand that your Higher Self, which you can become, is the pinnacle of life and that you are constantly being called there, then you begin to experience the sense of passion that is present when you allow your journey towards your expanded Self. And you also understand the feeling of unfulfillment or discomfort when you do not allow the movement towards your Higher Self.


Whether you realize it or not, you are telling yourself stories. You are involved in an ongoing narrative that includes a wide range of stories covering pretty much everything from specific situations, other people, and the world around you to your abilities, your preferences, and your own body. The stories you tell yourself are almost entirely unconscious unless you intentionally make them conscious.  What is special about your stories is that they are always creating something. Sometimes what they create is liberating and empowering, but sometimes it is not. The question is, "What kind of experience and impact are you creating with the narratives you hold?"


There is a kind of heritage - a core identity - which is the Spirit with which you came into the world. The task is to know and claim this spiritual inheritance. Claiming your core identity is the practice of defining and connecting to three things in particular in a continuous way: Your cosmology or sense of belonging to the universe, your core values, and your unique life purpose. Claiming your identity on a spiritual level requires a kind of knowing that is imaginary. Your cosmology, core values, and life purpose must be imagined personally, subjectively, and uniquely.

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