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Bergsteiger auf dem Gipfel


We are a group of passionate Spiritual Warriors dedicated to serving others to achieve clarity, health, productivity, and a life filled with joy.

With love, laughter and balance, we like to share our stories with you. Combining the knowledge of ancient healing traditions, the realities of our modern lives, and our own practical experience and training, we have discovered for ourselves what it truly means to be whole. We hope that our approach will also serve you as a guide for wholeness - a playfull interplay of mind, body, soul and heart.

Together we embark on a quest to discover our Supreme Self to fulfill our highest purpose and our most balanced and happy state in this lifetime. This is our birthright and our calling.


What is it that causes a lack of balance in each of us? What has caused each of us to be out of harmony with ourselves, with our relationships, and with the world around us?

If we can learn what it really means to work intelligently with all of our inner aspects and with all of life, then we can experience harmony instead of destruction. If we allow life to evolve naturally and gently, we can also experience regeneration. 

We want to help you overcome the effects of separateness in ourselves and in our lives, so we can achieve the balance and harmony we so desire. A balance between the conscious and the unconscious, spirit and matter, feelings and mind, masculine and feminine, our light sides and our dark sides, a balance between all the seemingly opposing forces that threaten to pull us apart.

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